1. Don’t limit yourself to masturbating while lying on your back in bed just because that’s how women do it in movies. If you had your first O grinding on a couch cushion (as many of you told us you did!), flip over and get down with a down pillow.

2. Be a tease. Bring yourself close to O in your go-to style (clitoral stroking, after a glass of sauv blanc?), stop, and start again. Big suspense = bigger orgasm.

3. Bored of using the same porn/vibe/position every time? Try a masturbation cleanse. Going back to basics (no props or porn) can make for a powerful O.

4. Yay for kegels! The vaginal-clenching exercises can lead to stronger orgasms and serve as training for the mythical hands-free fantasy-only orgasm (the unicorn of O’s). Remind yourself to train daily with the Kegel Camp app ($1.99, iTunes store).

5. Kill two O’s with one toy. Treat yourself to a dual- action sexcessory like the California Exotics Butterfly Kiss ($10, Amazon.com). A tiny butterfly flutters on your clitoris while a G-spot stimulator massages you there.

This article was originally published as “Exactly How to Have an Orgasm: Party of One” in the April 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan