"There's no need to race to the sex store to pick up fancy whips and chains. "Google 'creative sex positions,' and pick one you've never tried out before," says Marin.




To quote the iconic Jennifer Lopez, "let's get loud." Or, in Marin's words: "See what it's like to be more vocal. If you don't usually moan, see what it's like to make a bit of noise!"




"When you're both home, start sending each other dirty texts and pictures. See who can hold out the longest before going to find the other partner," says Marin. That will probably make you want to find an excuse to work from home, although if you are working from home, you probably shouldn't expect to get a lot done...



What's hotter than your favorite porn? Your partner, getting off. "Masturbate in front of each other, either together or one at a time," she says. 
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...Well, not really, because that would be weird. But take a tip from your formative years and see how hot you can get from staying on first base. "Have a long make-out session. Don't allow yourselves to do anything other than kiss for at least 20 minutes," Marin suggests.



"Go into your bedroom, undress, and innocently call your partner into the room," Marin suggests. Folding the laundry never sounded so enticing...




See what's happening with your partner! "Try to keep your eyes open and make eye contact during sex," Marin suggests. Bonus points — try to keep your eyes open during orgasm."
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"Catch your partner while they're watching TV or on their phone or laptop," Marin suggests. "Slowly and casually start to take off your clothes, one item at a time. See how long they last before noticing what you're up to."



"Text your partner right now about what you're going to do to them tonight," Marin suggests. "Let the anticipation build all day long." You can fill in the blanks from there...




Only, this performance is for one, and it's about adopting their persona more than anything else. (No degree from Juilliard required.) "Try playing a different role in the bedroom, like a character from a TV show, movie, or book," Marin says. " Imagine what they would be like in the bedroom, and try to mimic their persona."


"Edge your partner," she says. "See how many times you can get them to the brink of orgasm before backing off. " Metaphorically standing on the precipice of a cliff has never been so hot.



"Tell your partner that they're going to be 'king for a day,' and you're going to spend the entire evening focusing on their body, without any expectation of reciprocation," she says. "(Don't worry; you get to be 'king' the next day.)"
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